Writing for Mommyfied

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Want to share your thoughts about parenting? 

Mommyfied welcomes contributors. Mommyfied is a website cum blog that aims to empower parents. Part of its mission is to promote acceptance of real, raw, parenting experiences, and allowing parents to speak up about problems, struggles, and issues they may be facing. Mommyfied works to speak up against parent shaming and recognises that parenting is a tough job as such parents should be allowed to openly seek help and support from others without fear of being ridiculed, bullied, or criticised.

Submissions will be posted as guest posts, but I do not currently pay for contributions and there are strict guidelines to follow.

  • First off you must be able to write, and write well. Mommyfied readers expect well written pieces about parenting. Should your pitch be accepted this will be subject to editing to fit the tone and language of the site.
  • Pieces must have something to say. Mommyfied provides a platform for parents and others to speak up about parenting issues or problems, and struggles. It must help other parents, be relatable, and must adhere to Mommyfied’s key mission and message (Read : Mommyfied Mission and Message) . Injecting humor if you can is a plus!
  • Please send a pitch with a short background about what you intend to contribute to the site before working on the piece, it would also help if you can tell me about your writing experience (Contact Mommyfied).