Raising a little Arya


I have a strong-willed daughter. She is turning out to be like my mother–sweet, caring, and loving but very spunky and feisty.

Unlike my son who is happy go lucky with friends, and likes being the nice guy (kung anung gusto ng friend sasakyan nya sya ang mag aadjust), my daughter will either like you or not. And if she doesn’t like you she isn’t afraid to show it.

One time my son’s classmate, a little girl, came rushing out of the classroom and ran towards my daughter screaming “so cute!” she was about the pinch or hug my daughter. Ofcourse my little Arya wasn’t having any of it, it was her first time to see this girl, so she walked away.

Ofcourse the mother of the little girl got irritated after seeing this 🤣 But what can I do? My daughter doesn’t like getting touched by strangers and isn’t one to pretend to like a person especially if she feels said person is annoying or is too in her face and or bossy. She is very much like my mother.

It takes a while for her to warm up to people but once she gets close to someone she becomes loyal and loves the person with all her tiny heart.

Her fave character? Isn’t Moana or Anna from Frozen but Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. Yes, the sword wielding girl who “can never be a lady”, because it’s not her. This is why she begs to watch Game of Thrones with me. To catch a glimpse of sword fighting Arya. She has been begging me to get her an Arya costume too!

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I know raising my little Arya is going to be a challenge. Just like how my mama challenged my grandmother growing up. But I am in no way going to force my daughter to fit into a mold. I will not force her to be ladylike and too nice if she doesn’t want to.

Yes she does ballet (she can be girly like that) but she also UFC fights and wrestles with her brother. And I’m not going to force her to change.

I will not force her to be lady like if she doesn’t want to. I will not force her to pretend to like people if these people make her feel uncomfortable.

I will let her say whats on her mind as long as she isn’t hurting others who have not done her wrong. I will encourage her to fight for what she believes in and for the people she loves. I will let her grow up to be the woman she wants to be.

I will love her just the way she is.

My little Arya Stark.


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