Dear parents, this is what your kids love most about Christmas

Before you start scouring the mall for that perfect gift that you think will make your children happy and this season memorable here’s a secret from a teacher who wanted to reach out to parents of little kids.

You know how its like in school when kids get back in January after the holiday festivities and tell the class about it? Often they will go on and on about it to their teacher too!

Here’s what kids rave about to their teachers when they get back to school.

This post was shared by a fashion blogger on Instagram, which might seem unrelated to the usual topics the blogger covers but she can’t help but share it. Apparently it’s from a teacher who sits down every January listening to the stories about her kids’ fun Christmas break.

And nope, surprise surprise, that expensive toy and the gifts aren’t exactly the highlight of children’s Christmas break.

Here’s the original

post :

Yep! You read that right! The best , most special thing about Christmas especially for little children is you, and their family and friends. They make mention of the toys and the gifts, but according to this teacher, what kids often talk about, and what seems to be more memorable to them are the simple, often mundane things you do with them during their Christmas break.

Your walk to Mcdonalds, staying up late to watch a movie, visiting cousins, relatives, and friends. Sleeping beside mom and dad.

These are the things, the more important, more memorable things that make Christmas special for little children. These are the things they talk about, the things they remember. The things they tell their teachers in school.

So when you get too stressed looking for the perfect gift to make up for those days you weren’t available, think about this. What if instead of worrying and scouring the malls for the perfect gift, you spend that time on your kids instead.

Bring them over to the kitchen and make gingerbread cookies with them, let them make a mess and help you prepare Christmas eve dinner. Wear the silliest socks you can find, cuddle with them and watch a Christmas movie!

Making holiday memories with them are infinitely more special than an overly expensive toy. Spending quality time and making them feel loved and cherished is the most precious gift you can give them. It’s something they will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

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