Why do moms always seem angry?

Maybe because they haven’t had a decent shower in years. They can’t even go to the bathroom long enough before someone tries to find them. Just when they thought they’ve finally had a few minutes to themselves as they scrub their butts in the shower they’d hear incessant banging on the door and a toddler asking then to open a pouch of jello.

Maybe it’s cause they’re often so hungry. But they have to wait for their children to finish eating before finally having time to sit and eat uninterrupted. Because their food’s always cold. Coffee’s always cold too, because by the time she’s done breaking up a fight her cup of joe’s already iced coffee.

Because she has to eat chips, chocolates, and soda inside a locked pantry room, or in the dark while her children are sleeping. Do you know how hard it is not to make crumbling sounds with a bag of chips? Or trying to chew chips slowly and letting them melt in your saliva instead?

Maybe because they haven’t had an afternoon nap in ages. Everytime they try to lie down to rest something almost always comes up. The school bus is here, the baby’s up, a faucet’s leaking, the phone keeps ringing etcetera. She just can’t seem to get a break. She makes the energizer bunny look like a turtle stampeding in peanut butter. She can’t go on breaks because she has so many people depending on her.

Maybe because a part of her wishes she got to focus on her career instead of drop everything to stay home with the kids. She misses wearing her pearl necklace, her sky high heels, her blazers and beautiful work clothes. She longs to powerdress and put her degree she worked many years for to good use. She wants to be part of the workforce negotiating deals, fighting for her seat in the boardroom instead of washing butts all day.

Maybe because she has gained so much weight after giving birth and haven’t had the time to exercise. She looks in the mirror and sees what years of breastfeeding has done to her once perky breasts, the pouch that doesnt seem to go away, the c-section scar, the stretch marks, the lines on her face and white hair. She doesn’t recognize herself anymore.

Motherhood has driven her mad and angry but each day she wakes up to do everything all over again. She seems mad but not really because at the end of the day she knows the few minutes she spends cuddling her little kids are worth all the stress, the sacrifice, and pain.

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