20 parents who #gottoddlered

Aaah life before kids. Remember that time when you used to be cool, and legitimately hot. And then you started having kids hence the start of your transformation into a big ball of messy mush?

You used to do all these cool things you little daredevil you! Like skydive, bungee jump, sing in a heavy metal rock band and now you sit in your living room crying over Stitch leaving his Ohana and Bambi losing his mommy. You didn’t even realize that you have yogurt at the back of your head, and twelve stickers on your arms and legs. Because you have a little dinosaur in diapers riding your head and another tot poking your belly.

You are not alone! Blogger Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried started an Instagram account called Got Toddlered where he posts pictures of parents in all their parenting glory. What makes them so hilarious are the before and after kids comparison.

My faves are the selfie #crushparents ones where the mother can barely take a selfie with a diaper butt sitting on her face 🤣 Check them out below!

1. Friday night, before and after kids.

2. Run mommy run!

3. I’m the king of the mhkpppph worlghjkk…

4. Date nights be like 🤣

5. Now flies airplane spoons daily

6. Her eye says it all …”Help!”

7. She looks like she got so hammered from that party and woke up after x number of years not knowing “whaaaa happened?”

8. He liked momma’s hair so much he wanted a piece of it..err a handful.

9. That moment when you seriously wanna know if anyone can die from extreme exhaustion from taking care of the kids.

10. I think this was her kid trying to shut her up 🙃

11. Kid: Watcha doing mom? What’s that?

12. Painting mommy like one of those French girls

13. The smell of your baby’s diaper in the morning beats getting intoxicated late at night.

14. Because what’s a selfie without goat ears and horns to match? Right?

15. He’s still growling and he doesn’t even need a microphone now 😝 Ouch!

16. Baby was trying to squeeze more milk out of mommy

17. Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said

18. Stike a post… partum belly.

19. Give it to meeee mom! Give it!

20. That moment he realized what Pantera’s “Five Minutes Alone” really feels like

Damn gurl you were hawt.. But I don’t know what’s happening in the other photo 🤣What the actual fudge?!

Check out the Got Toddlered IG account for more hilarious submissions from other parents!

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