Moms, your kids want you to go to the salon

No it’s not the kid stopping you from having a salon day. They are not the ones who do not want you to drive there and get your nails done, the voice you hear telling you to stay with them and skip your salon day for the nth time isn’t theirs. That’s mom guilt stopping you from spending time for yourself.

The other day I found my five-year old son trying to touch my hair obviously amazed. I just got back from a trip to the salon for a much needed alone time. I haven’t gone there in a year! And my husband had to literally force me to go and get hair treatments and my nails done. He said its long overdue. I have been staying home with the kids eversince I left my full-time job last year that he thought I desperately need a break.

He has been bugging me to do this for awhile. And I have been putting it off by saying I have better things to do-write an article, fix my blog, clean my kids’ rooms, and scrub crayon marks off the walls. I had tons of reasons not to go.

But on this day I finally let go of everything, let my husband take care of the kids, and drove to the nearby salon.

As soon as the hairdresser touched my head I closed my eyes, it’s been so long. I haven’t felt this pampered and taken cared of in awhile.

I missed having a few minutes to read, or savor the moment without anyone or anything rushing me to do this and that.I got home so refreshed that my kid obviously noticed something different.

As I turned around to face him he said “you look super beautiful today mama!”He had a smile so big his eyes sparkled. “I love your hair mom,” he said while touching it.

I’m sure it wasn’t just the hair that he liked. It was me, the relaxed, recharged, happy me.The vibrant me he saw after I got back from having a few hours to spend for myself. He liked that I was happy. Seeing me calm, happy and rested made him happy too.

If you are like me who always feel guilty doing things for yourself, look at salon trips this way. A happy, relaxed, refreshed, and recharged mom is a mom who can face parenting’s challenges with a positivity that will radiate out and which your children will absorb.

Having a few hours every once in awhile to take care of yourself will allow you to give so much more of yourself to your children. Remember that in order for us moms to give, love, and serve we have to take care of ourselves first.

A happy mommy makes happy babies.

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