Dad, mom needs you to get off the couch and help out

I know you might have been conditioned into a culture that says household chores and childcare are sole responsibilities of the mother, you might have seen this in your own family growing up so I don’t blame you for not knowing what to do.

You might have seen your father work and provide for the family and get home to the best home-cooked meals and sweet smelling well-behaved kids. You might have seen the way your dad would put his feet up on the couch , beer in hand watching the game while your mother slaved away in the kitchen.

You might have seen your mother welcome this reality with a smile, you never once saw her complain anyway.

You might not have known this but your mother might have secretly wished your dad helped out around the house. She may have suffered in silence so she can give you the image of a perfectly functioning home. She may have had times when she was too exhausted to function but didn’t feel she had the right to complain.

Well Dad, you don’t have to let your wife suffer jn silence. Because I’m telling you now even though she hasn’t told you yet, that she needs your help. She needs you to get more involved in child care, to spend more time with the kids, to take some of the burden off her back so she can rest.

She needs you to get off the couch more and help out in the kitchen. She needs you to take the baby out on a stroll so she can catch up on sleep even just for an hour or two.

She needs you to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to change the diaper and lull the baby to sleep so she can atleast get two to three hours of straight shut eye. She needs you to take care of the kids so she can shower in peace. And when we say take care of the kids this means feeding them, bathing them, reading to them and not propping them up in front of the TV or an iPad until mommy gets back.

She needs an extra pair of hands around the house. And if you think it’s nice to stay in a clean house and sleep on a clean bed, remember that she feels that way too. And what would be nicer is if you could clean the room and change the sheets without her asking you to.

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