Raising a daughter in a world of Weinsteins and Nassars

Watch the news and you’ll see that ours is a scary world to live in.One where little kids are used and abused their innocense taken away from them forever. One where women are made to feel powerless over their bodies. One where women are raped and taken advantaged of.

I have never felt fear for another human being as much as when I had my daughter. I had fears for my son too, but having a daugther in a world seemingly run by Weinsteins and Nassars brings a parent’s fear to a whole new level.

You open the TV and you’ll see women, teens, little girls crying narrating a parent’s worst nightmare. You feel their pain and can see that they are scarred for life. Something you do not, ever, want for your baby to go through.

In a world where the Weinsteins and Nassars become rich, powerful, and influential, it’s scary to imagine how your precious little girl will make it out there.

When men like these gather power and influence as they climb the top, when men like these use that power to abuse women and snatch innocense from little girls, when men like these sometimes get away with horrid acts of abuse just ’cause they’re influential, ‘just cause they’re rich and powerful, what kind of world will my daughter live in?

As much as I want to say I will protect her, I will watch over her, and shield her from the scary realities of the world, I know I cannot fully guarantee that. At some point my precious baby would want a life of her own,maybe away from me. Who knows how long I have in this world. Who knows how long I’ll be strong enough to protect her.

My only hope is that I will get to raise her with wisdom, confidence and strength. Enough to respect her body and her boundaries and to know that people should too. And when a man makes her uncomfortable, and tries to disrespect said boundaries she will have enough strength to fight back. She will not be afraid to fight no matter how powerful he might be.

My hope is to raise a woman who will know her worth. Who will know that it’s never okay for a man to disrespect her body.Her body is hers and hers alone and no one, no matter how rich or influential, should have the power over her.

She, like everyone else, deserves respect. And no man should ever make her feel otherwise. She is talented and intelligent and no man should ever make her feel that she needs to sacrifice her self worth and self respect to make it in any field.

I hope to raise a woman wise enough to know that the Weinsteins and Nassars of the world deserve to rot in jail, and she has the power to send these kinds of people where they belong.


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