The unbelievable pressure for moms every Christmas

While everyone’s enjoying the chilly weather, sitting under the tree with their hot coco in their comfy sweater, or getting crazy drunk and crawling their butt home at 3 am moms are well being moms–stressing over every little detail to make sure Christmas is going to be perfect for her family.


Behind the fun festivities–the happy exchange of gifts carefully wrapped with a ribbon , unicorn themed Christmas tree, special travel inspired Christmas decorations around the house, the sumptuous spread consisting of home-made entrees, the freshly baked Christmas cookies shaped like Olaf and Elsa, the twinkling lights outside choreographed like a light show in Vegas– is a mom. A tired, stressed out mom who has been stretching herself too thin.

A mom who spent the last three months looking for the perfect unicorn to decorate her tree with, scouring Pinterest for the most special Christmas recipes.

What we don’t often see is a mom slaving away in the kitchen with burns and cuts from slicing and dicing, baking and cooking. We don’t see the moms who spend hours upon hours scouring the department stores and bazaars for the perfect gift for her children and practically everyone else’s children including all her child’s classmates and playmates, her husband’s godchildren and officemates, the village guard and their dog.

We don’t see the mom trying to master the art of making perfect ribbons, or desperately cutting and shaping cookie dough to make them resemble a Disney princess and, as per her kids’ request, a unicorn.

Behind the perfect Christmas celebration is a mom obsessing over the family’s Christmas list making sure she doesn’t miss anyone , because she wants to make everyone happy this Christmas.

The mom who spent hours arranging the Christmas lights outside. perfectly arranging them choreographing every blink and color change.

We don’t see the working moms spending every last bit of her Christmas bonus on gifts for her children, on hotel bookings for a perfect staycation. Desperately doing last minute shopping and wrapping because she spent the entire month finishing work so she can take her family on a holiday get away. The mom who’s on her 9th trip to the grocery because her hungry kids will be home 24/7 for Christmas break so she desperately tries to keep the fridge stocked and the kids happy at home.

The season of merriment, gift giving, and festivities puts a lot of pressure and stress for moms. Who willingly go through the chaos each and every year because she loves her family so much, because she wants her family to feel the spirit of Christmas.

But after the festivities, after the get togethers and parties, please give her the gift of rest and lots and lots of sleep, because she deserves it. And while you’re at it help her clean up the mess will ya?!

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