This is why Christmas, the season of parties, is tough for stay at home moms

And work from home moms too especially those who just recently left a full-time job to stay home and take care of the kids.

You open your newsfeed and you are constantly bombarded with photos of Christmas parties, of celebrations, reunions, of drinking and merriment, you can’t go to this year because you have no other childcare option and bed time now starts at 8. So while they are out partying you are at home at night breastfeeding, putting kids to sleep or cleaning up the mess.

While your husband is out to yet another company party you are left home alone caring for your little ones.

It can get lonely.

You miss being with your officemates, hanging out with your friends, dressing up and staying out late.

You miss having adult conversations, ones that don’t make you call dogs doggie or pigs piggie, ones that don’t involve you simplifying terms or skipping cuss words.

Sure your kids are adorable and fun to hang out with, they are just hilarious and downright adorable, but sometimes you just long to talk about adult stuff.

While you enjoy watching Paw Patrol now and genuinely like the Disney soundtrack you have on loop, a part of you still want to blast your own spotify playlist and head to a night out with your friends.

The longing for these times gets stronger around this time of the year. When everyone’s out spending their year end cash on booze and party gowns. When your friends are filling your newsfeed with fun times together, of late-night get togethers you now have to skip.

No other season has this much power to remind you that your life is so different now, about the sacrifices you’ve made, about the things you’ve had to give up.

You stay up in the wee hours of the morning catching up on your reading or tv series because this is the only me time you can have for now.

While yes motherhood is fulfilling, and fun and will make every living cell of your body happy, at times it can get lonely too, especially around this time each year.

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