20+ photos of messy children that illustrate life with little kids

Aaahh the joys of living with little children. You wake up and don’t know exactly the kind of surprise you’re going to get that day–which little mayhem they will chose to unleash. Could they be plotting to destroy the kitchen? Give your dog a make over? Or are they planning to wreck havoc in the garden?

Whatever mischief they’re planning it’s best to be emotionally and mentally prepared for the worst, and keep your expensive plates locked up.

Here are photos of little children having too much fun at home that illustrate life with them.

1. Mommy I found your stickers!

2. Let’s give your hair a little more ooomph

3. Trust me kid, you don’t wanna hear this.

4. Here have some peanut butter, and for you too cabinets, here have some!

5. I thought the recipe said carpet and some eggs?

6. Ooopsie

7. The way to give your room an outdoorsy vibe is to paint green grass on the floor

8. And this my friend, is how you rock them leggings like a star

9. Mud+car+ little kids =

10. Sleep in style

11. About that time they discovered the magical things inside the pantry

12. I like this sketch pad Mom!

13. How do I look?

14. Can this thing swim?

15. I didn’t know what I was thinking

16. When they decided to find out what makes pillows so fluffy

17. Ugh hi mom!

18. Let it snow, let it snow

19. You don’t see me!

20. I thought he said keep your eyes glued to the screen?

21. Why wait for winter when you can do this in the kitchen?

22. I regret nothing

23. The floor made us do it!

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