Dear parent of small kids, your house is going to be messy, cluttered, noisy, and chaotic, accept it.

Your house, once you start having kids, will never be as clean and peaceful as it was before.

Unless of course you have an army of ten housekeepers who will pick up every toy, bread crumb, and pacifier your child drops.

But for most of us mere mortals life is a bit more challenging.

Little kids are clumsy, the earlier you accept that the lesser you’ll get stressed.

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Their tiny little fingers don’t have perfect control of their grip yet, some toddlers might still have a problem with balancing things on their hands, and balancing on their tiny feet so they often knock things over or accidentally spill the juice, milk, and just about anything they pour into their cups. Small children are curious little people, it’s best you accept that it’s just in their nature.

Remember that they are still trying to discover what they can do with their hands and feet, what objects do, how things work, and what’s inside your purse. They are still learning things that we might have known for years.

They like poking little holes, stuffing stuff into said holes, sticking their fingers into any little space they find. For very small children who like to explore the world with their taste buds they would put everything in their mouth. They haven’t really mastered the art of telling if it is edible or not.

It’s also best to remember that they could be experiencing certain types of food for the first time so if they don’t like it and get surprised with the taste or texture they will spit it out, on the table, on the chair, on the floor, and sometimes on their clothes.

Small children don’t know that glass, and other valuables like your phone break when they throw it at their siblings. They don’t know what kind of disaster will unfold when they leave faucets open for a very very long period of time.

They don’t have any idea how difficult it is to remove chocolate stains on carpets, clothes, and curtains. They do not realize how disappointing it is for us to see doodles on our walls. They don’t even know why there is a need to clean those off (hello mom that’s work of art!).

Because for them this is fun, exciting, exhilarating and interesting. It’s through these doodles that they express themselves, only by mixing your face powder with hair gel will they understand how some things work, they realize that when they throw certain things they break and that it makes mommy upset.

Parents of little children, please understand that your little one only learned to walk, and talk a few years ago and they are still trying to discover things about the world. They are still learning what is appropriate and acceptable.

Imagine learning words for the first time and realizing that when you string words together you can get what you want and drive mom crazy, imagine how excited you’ll be.

Please be a bit more forgiving. Accept that your house will be a bit (okay a lot) more cluttered, messy, and noisy. But know that this is just them trying to learn how it is to be human, trying to learn things about this new world, trying to learn about you and your feelings. The things that make you upset, the things that make you happy.

Please always remind yourself that enjoying your time with these little children are infinitely more important than having a spotless clean house. Even world-famous Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo had to tweak her globally-renowned KonMari methods after having children because she realized these were not realistic.

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Having children means adjusting to this new life, which includes accepting that a house that’s at times messy,cluttered, and noisy with screams and giggles of little children is a house filled with happiness and lots of love.

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