Coco: A parent’s love is forever,goes beyond this lifetime

Not really one to write movie reviews but this one hits so close to home. Tomatometer for this one is at a whopping 96% and rightfully so.

It’s a beautiful film with captivating visuals it will keep your toddler glued to the screen the entire time, the story is beautiful and touching even your husband who hates animated films will choke up a bit.

Coco is a Disney-Pixar animated movie about a boy from a family of zapateros or shoe makers who dreams of becoming a musician. Shouldn’t be a problem if the family’s supportive, but his entire clan hates music.

That’s because his great great grand father left his family to pursue a music career, leaving his great great grand mother to take care of a daughter by herself. Now they see music as a family curse.

So this boy goes to the land of the dead to find his great great grandfather to get his blessing to pursue music. His trip to the other side takes him on a beautiful adventure to meet his dead loved ones, discover family truths, and his great great grand daddy’s true identity.

This one is a family movie that hits so close to home, and will have parents tearing up.

The movie is set in Mexico and the story writers made sure it was culturally sensitive and thoughfully put together. One particular scene would make any parent tear up, because a parent’s love goes beyond this lifetime.

For someone like me who just lost a parent this movie hit so many nerves it got me crying like a baby and hugging my children tight. Because love, especially a parent’s love goes beyond this lifetime. And the best that we can leave our children with are memories, those are the most precious treasures in the world.

This movie reminds us that those beautiful memories, the bond that you share with your kids that’s what they will hold on to for the rest of their lives. Even if you feel you might not be able to leave them with material things, leave them with love, lots and lots of it.

Go watch it with the entire family, and bring tissues please. Now excuse me while I ugly cry again.

Watch the trailer:

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