Why I bitch about my children online

In case you haven’t noticed, I bitch about my children and parenting in general a lot! Especially on Mommyfied’s Facebook page where I document my kids’ antics and the constant state of mayhem my house is at because of said children.

My rants or bitching are sometimes accompanied by pictures of *gasp* my messy house, messy car, or dirty doodles on the wall of our new house.

I do this openly, on my blog’s Facebook page set to public. Because one, I’m tired of mothers pretending their lives are perfect and that they have perfect little children sent from heaven, who don’t curse, fight, or make a mess.

I’m tired of this culture of pretend perfect parenting which deems the reality of parenting life unacceptable. Which forces mothers who are having a hard time to hide their imperfections, edit and crop photos so the world only sees the perfect side of things.

This is not to say that my life as a parent sucks, I think it’s beautiful. But it is and will never be perfect. My life as a mother and I as a parent am not perfect I have beautiful imperfections as a mother.

My life with my little kids is not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s messy, and tiring, and crazy, but filled with so much love and wet sticky kisses.

I bitch about my kids and parenting in general because no parent is perfect, no mother should be forced to pretend she’s perfect. I want parents to know that it’s okay to make mistakes here and there and it’s okay not to be perfect.

You are not alone in feeling tapped out, dead tired, and irritated sometimes. You are not the only parent who feel clueless.

When you are a hands on parent, it’s is hard to be happy, cheerful, and awesome 100% of the time.

You could say 99% of the time you feel blessed to have beautiful children, but there are really moments when it’s not as perfect as you’d want it to be.

I have joked about asking my husband if I could resign (from being a mother) so I can vacation in the Bahamas after which I can re apply to this position again. To which he laughed his butt off.

I have had moments when I thought about putting my rambunctious children in a basket and leaving them in front of the neighbor’s front door after I found out they flooded the entire second floor with water and created a nice waterfall streaming down our wooden stairs.

Parents like me bitch about our children to blow off some steam, to let others know that they are not alone but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love our children or that we hate being a parent.

Through bitching and hearing others whine about their kids we find out that our spawns are just like everybody else’s –messy, rambunctious, and endlessly curious about everything whose primary goal in life is to eat as much candy as they can and watch as many youtube videos as they can.

By talking about our petty struggles as a parent we get to connect, provide each other relief, laugh about our kids’ silly antics and make fun of our children’s crazy tantrums.

You need a ton of sense of humor to survive parenting for your sanity’s sake.

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