These young tired parents met an old couple who put things in perspective, made them appreciate life with small kids

When you’re a parent of a little tot, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about your children, about how difficult daily life is with small kids, because it really is. In between running after small toddlers, cleaning their mess, begging your grade schoolers to go to bed early, washing and folding the endless stream of tiny clothes you barely have time to breathe.

One day while dining at a cafe, a young mom who was at her wits end holding a baby and trying to get a hold of her toddler who ran off in the kitchen heard 8 magic words from an old couple from another table.

The old man seemingly in his 80s looked at her, then at her kids and said “they were the best days of our lives”. The young mom turned to them and asked “really?” And the old lady replied: “best by far”.

This gave the young mom a whole new perspective about her struggles as a mother of young children. She shared this anecdote on Facebook Page Love What Matters.

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Even when you’re hip deep in kids’ mess and mayhem, and your back barely touch the bed while you sleep at night because you’re crouched into some weird position with a child’s foot lodge on your neck, you’ll have to realize that they won’t need you like this forever. They won’t want to sleep cuddled beside you in bed forever.

Kids grow up so fast and before you know it, they’re moving out of your home ready to start their own life in another house, another city, another country away from you.

Treasure these moments dear parents. Co-sleeping with your precious angels, the messy cuddles and wet kisses, singing and dancing to Cartoon Network and Disney songs together, tickle fights and dance parties. Because it will all be over soon and when they’ve grown and moved out you will miss them.

You will miss the tiny voices screaming in the hallway, the precious giggles as they run around the living room, the sound of their tiny feet spattering in the bathroom, the smell of their hair, the twinkle their eyes, their tiny hands holding your face and saying I love you Mama before bed time.

You will miss these moments, you will miss your kids, you will miss your days with them doing mundane things that made you feel so tired but oh so happy. So right now as you read this with a toddler clamped around your leg, and a preschooler raiding your fridge for food, cherish this moment because it will never be like this forever.

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