This 98-year old mom proves that you never stop being a mom by moving to a care home to look after her 80-year old son

As soon as that little baby’s heart starts beating inside you, you will start being a mom. And you will never stop being one for as long as you both shall live. It doesn’t matter if he’s sixteen inches tall crying beside you in bed or 6 feet and two inches tall calling you from another continent—you will always be his mom. You will never stop caring, loving, and worrying about this human being. You will always want what’s best for him, always want him to be happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Case in point, 98-year old Ada Keating who moved into the same care home to be with her 80-year old son.

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When Tom, 80, who never married started needing close care and became a resident at Moss View Care Home, his mum Ada a former nurse moved in to take care of him. The two are inseparable and seem very happy to be spending time with each other. At night mummy Ada tucks Tom in and says goodbye, and comes back to visit him in the morning.

Because for Ada you never stop being a mom.

Check out their heartwarming photos and their video below!


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