Richard Branson has a message for parents: work from home if you can

In this interview with CNN Billionaire founder of Virgin empire Richard Branson delivered a message for working parents: work from home if you can.

“I’m a great believer in people working from home. I encourage our staff if they want to work from home,” he said.

The father of two wants to encourage companies to allow their employees this flexibility. This, he said is how he balanced running his business with raising his kids.

Branson remembers starting Virgin while raising his then little children, they were always fooling around (like typical tots) and at times he’d be on the phone while changing diapers!

The famous daredevil entrepreneur details many anecdotes of his life while raising children in his new book Finding my Virginity.

And to parents who are on the fence about choosing a work from home set-up because it might mean a slight adjustment to their income he’s got something for them think about:

“the most important, in the end in life, is your family and friends,” Branson said.

As more and more companies are becoming more amenable to this kind of flexibility– allowing their employees to work remotely from anywhere– the world is seeing a rise in the number of telecommuters and those who work from home.

Various research have shown that employees with more flexible work hours who get to spend more time with their families are more productive.

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With hope this could be the new norm so parents, especially in countries where traffic is a dilemma, can skip the commute and spend more time with their children.  If more companies allow parents to stay home and work remotely they wont have to waste time traveling to the office, time they could be spending with their families which is what improving the quality of life really means.

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