Here’s the story behind the viral photo of the barber and the young boy with autism

Heartwarming, is the best way to describe this photo that recently went viral on photo sharing app Imgur.

Meet Franz Jakob who works as a barber for Authestichen Barbier a quirky-looking vintage barber shop located in Rouyn Quebec. When he’s done cutting hair for his usual customers, he gets ready for his special clients including 6-year old Wyatt, his youngest customer with autism.

Wyatt’s mom Fauve Lafriniere has been taking her little boy to Jakob for two years.

“Usually hairdressers panicked when they saw Wyatt arrive, so it was really exceptional to meet Mr. Jakob”, Fauve told radio station CBC.

The barber patiently follows the child around the barber shop, entertaining him, giving him his undivided attention, adjusting to his needs and even at some point lying on the floor with him as shown in this photo:

Unlike other barbers, Jakob welcomes Wyatt like his best friend Fauve shares.

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This mother hopes this photo will help promote awareness about autism and encourage others to be more compassionate and understanding towards children with this condition.

Jakob is truly a gem, a tattoo covered big burly guy with a compassionate heart. “He is an everyday hero,” Fauve adds.

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