The things we do for love and my husband’s Beauty and the Beast moment

This week my son had an assignment. It was simple : bring flowers to school. It was so simple I forgot about it.

Until the night before they were supposed to bring flowers to school. And my husband couldn’t sleep. Yes, he’s that type of parent. He knew the kids were going to have a program in school and that all the little kids were supposed to offer flowers to Mama Mary.

He could not bear the thought of his poor little boy going to school empty handed. He did not want his son to be the only one without flowers, he didn’t want him to feel out of place.

I tried to reassure him that maybe the teacher could just give him one so he can join the program.

But my husband was hell bent on finding flowers for his boy. He was not going to let his boy be left out.

So he woke up before everyone else. Drove around so early in the morning looking for a non-existent flower shop. He drove around for an hour trying to find flowers to buy. Until he grew desperate.

He parked the car by the road and started walking along the main road of our village. He was scouring the big houses with nice flowers outside. The houses out there were huge, like grocery cum mini mall sized ones they make our house look like the size of their bathroom.

So my poor husband was there roaming around by himself looking for flowers to pick. He found expensive looking ones outside one of the huge houses. It was so early in the morning that he knew ringing the door bell will be a bad idea.

These were outside their big gates anyway so no he did not necessarily trespass, I think.

He looked around got closer to the lawn, picked a bunch of flowers and literally ran off straight back to his car. Then he drove home fast.

He was so embarassed he told me. But he knew he had to do it because he did not want his boy to not be allowed to join the program.

I was laughing my butt off when he told me about it because it reminded me of Bell’s father.

I told him “You’re lucky they didn’t catch you! What if they held you hostage inside their castle and then we’d have to send our daughter in exchange for your freedom!”

My kids are lucky, so so lucky to have a father like him. Who would do anything to make them happy. I hope they grow up knowing that.

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