Jena Dewan Tatum is the latest victim of mom shaming because of this “cheeky” photo

The latest victim of this nasty monster called mom shaming is actress, dancer, and wife to his hotness Channing Tatum.

A recent post Mrs Tatum made public on Instagram showed a super sexy backside and by that I mean showing off her very beautiful butt.

Check out her post below and see for yourself:

While there were those who admired this sexy momma’s latest post, many others were quick to lambast her with one saying

“You have a kid, shame on you,”

And another one commenting, “Of course she is hot but poor Everly. What signals is she sending to her young daughter?

Others pointed out how she is being a bad example to her daughter Everly by posing “almost nude” like this.

Jenna then posted a quick follow up post, a quote which obviously is a message to the haters:

Celebrities are not immune to this phenomenon, and as I have pointed out in my previous articles for the newspaper, the Internet has been feeding this nasty monster with more parents to ridicule and shame.

There really is no manual for parenting, no clear cut standards and rules saying you have to stop being sexy or dressing a certain way after you become a mom.

Jenna is a hardworking momma who is passionate about her craft, have you seen her dance and talk about dancing?

It just so happens that her work makes her extra fit and hella sexy too, Imagine what those rehearsals will do to your butt and legs. And TBH if I had a butt like that I’d be walking around in a bikini all day.

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