Always be my baby

Someday I will blog about song lyrics that only made sense to me when I became a parent, but today I will talk about this one first and how this old Mariah Carey song is something all moms can relate to.

Yesterday we got my 5 year old his first “big” bike for his birthday. And took him to a park so he can try it. I looked at him struggle at first and then go, venture so many meters away from me and then it hit me: my baby boy, my little bundle of joy, is now riding a bike. When did that happen? Wasn’t I just watching a video of him learning how to walk?

Time sure flies, and kids grow up so fast.

Soon he will be driving, soon he will be graduating, and then getting married.

And yes, I said what moms of growing kids say all over the world: seems just like yesterday when I held him in my arms on our way out of the hospital. He was so tiny, so helpless, he was my little baby.

I have interviewed mommies with adult children over the past couple of years for many articles and all of them told me that your kid will always be a baby in your eyes, and you will always be their mommy.

You will always worry if he’s doing okay. You will find yourself thinking if he’s fed, if he’s sick, if he’s broken hearted. Your heart will always see him as your little one. Your baby forever. You will always be protective, you will feel hurt when he’s hurt, you will always want him to be happy and comfortable.

So whenever I ask people about their kids even when I know the little ones have all grown up I always ask : How’s your baby?

Most moms will chuckle and declare “Oh he’s not a baby anymore he’s a grown man!”. Then I say : But won’t they always be our baby? Baby in our eyes?

And most of them smile, their eyes filled with nostalgia. Because it’s true. Your child will always be your dear little baby forever.

It doesn’t matter if he’s 16 inches tall crying beside you in bed or 6 feet tall and a thousand miles away, he is and will always be your baby. Carrying him in your arms, so little and helpless will always seem just like yesterday to you.

Now excuse me while I cover my baby boy’s face with kisses while he still lets me without getting embarrassed.

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