Police Takes Her Children Away After Toddler Tantrum

Yes this happened to a Mom. And it took months before they got their child back.

In an interview with Mom.me Mary* told the story of how a visit to her in-laws turned out to become one of the worst days of her life. She recalls the night she had to watch in horror as police took her children away including a nursing new-born.

They were spending the night at her in-laws, and while her husband’s parents were cooking, and her husband was in the shower she was left playing with her two kids. The siblings got on a little fight over a toy. When mom told the older boy not to take his baby brother’s toy the older boy threw a tantrum. It escalated and got out of control even after her attempts to tell the boy to calm down. So she felt she had to put her foot down.

Mary picked her son up, put him outside in the patio, and waited by an open window nearby. The boy was told he will be brought back inside if he would stop hitting her.

Moments later, police came knocking. When she opened the door to talk to them, several sheriffs deputies informed her that she’s being investigated for child abuse and endangerment. She and her husband were interviewed. Afterwhile she watched as police took her children, including an infant who’s being exclusively breastfed at that time,  into a police car.

“They got them out of bed and didn’t even get them dressed,” she shared with Mom.me. 

She was charged with misdemeanor child neglect, and had to spend the night in jail. She was released the following day and she immediately set out to find out her kids’ whereabouts. After days of searching they found out their eldest was placed in a boy’s home and her infant was placed in a police holding facility before getting transferred to a foster home.

They spent agonizing months and money on legal fees fighting to get their kids back. After two months the case was dropped without trial and the children were allowed to come home.

Read the entire story about their ordeal here 

*Names were changed to protect the privacy of the people in the story

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