This is How It’s Like to Have A Child with ADHD: Mom’s Post Goes Viral

A single Mom of two, Taylor Myers, was out doing some grocery shopping with her kids when her 4-year old starts throwing a tantrum and having one of her episodes. Her daughter Sophie has ADHD or Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder, a condition that makes it difficult for children like her to focus. It also makes kids like them extremely restless and impulsive.

“She’s restless, I know this, I live with this, her ADHD,” Taylor posted.”Her ADHD and obsessive little heart gets on these subjects of things she finds unjust and wrong and it doesn’t stop until she eventually falls asleep or something very dramatic happens to snatch the attention off the obsessed about subject,” she explained. 

Carrying her other child , 1 year old Mylo, while in line at the check out, she refused to give in to her 4-year old who was making a fuss over a bag of chips Taylor took away. “We stood in line for several minutes, me ignoring her whining and refusing to give in. What’s giving in to bad behavior going to do but reinforce the bad behavior?” she wrote.

After telling the little girl to sit down for the nth time, she hears a woman from behind the line say : “oh, for Christ’s sake give her a cookie so she’ll shut up!”.

Taylor wrote: “I could’ve responded in a nicer way. I could’ve explained to her that my four year old has pretty severe ADHD, I raise both my children alone, I’m doing my best,” But in her frustration she instead blurted out “she’s four years old and you need to mind your own f***ing business”.

By the time she’s done at the check out she had a total melt down—tears falling down her cheeks.” I’ve lost it. I’m angry, my feelings are hurt, I’m offended, and I’m just freakin sad that I can’t have one good experience in a store with my children,” she shared.

She finished paying and walked out without looking at anyone. She didn’t want to face people who she felt would see her as “that person with a misbehaving child, who’s lazy because they’re ignoring the behavior”, she continued.


Until a kind woman walked up to her daughter Sophie and started asking her questions to distract her. “You have to be good to your mommy” the woman said while walking the mother and her children out of the store.

Taylor was beyond thankful for the show of compassion and support “Honestly, this woman could’ve been the antichrist and I would’ve had more appreciation for her kindness and compassion than I have for anyone else I’ve ever encountered,” she wrote in her post.

“It only takes one comment to break someone down. But It also takes one small act of kindness to make a mama feel comfort and validation,”she said.

She then encouraged all mothers to stick together.


Click here to read Taylor Myer’s full Facebook post. 

Ever had this moment of major melt down? When you felt your child was just too much to handle or when you just couldn’t take another person’s comments about your parenting? Sound off in the comments section below!


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