10 Signs You Have a Toddler in Your Life

Aaaah the joys of having toddlers in your life. Only when you become parent to one will you realise that those commercials are full of lies. It’s not rainbows, butterflies, and unicorn farts all day long. Truth is, life with a toddler at home is more like negotiating with a terrorist on a daily basis, one who has you  perfectly wrapped around his cute, tiny, sticky, fingers.

Here are 10 signs you have a toddler in your life.

1.You’ve accepted the fact that you can’t have nice things.You’ve lost count of the number of times you lost a nice pen, a slipper, a make up brush, a lipstick, ATMs.Moving into a new house? Hide. The. Crayons. Now!


2. You go to work with lego blocks inside your bag. If you’re lucky you’ll see cereal and powdered milk poured in there too. And sometimes the TV remote.


3. You learn to eat leftover food, and don’t think it’s disgusting.


4. Your cellphone looks like crap. You’re embarassed to take it out during a meeting because it looks like you left it inside the washing machine.


5. You find yourself screaming “Stop eating my charger” so many times throughout the day.

giphy (1)

6.You have a drawer filled with broken chargers and other broken things.


7. You have learned that “no” means “yes, I’ll keep doing this” in another dimension.

giphy (2)

8.Your car looks like the site of a nuclear blast.

giphy (3)

9. You have random toys and things in all sorts of places, i.e. a lego block inside the fridge, a can of tuna in the bath tub, and a potato inside your shoe.

giphy (4)

10. People are starting to dread talking to you on the phone because conversations often go something like

“Hello good morning I’d like to order …. get off the table now!… sorry can I have one pizza delivered please… Put that cat down!.. my address is, excuse me..Stop it, I’m using the phone!.. hello are you still there?”



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