The True Reason Why I Used to Love Watching Hi5 With My Kid

I guess It’s Friday ‘Fess Up Day. And I wanted to say what’s been in my heart for  years. No I didn’t just watch Hi5 with my child to win best mom in the world award. I wasn’t just being all supportive waiting for it to come on TV in the morning and watching reruns in the afternoon. I had an agenda. And we didn’t just switch to Cartoon Network because he grew tired of the other channel. It was me. All me.

YES! I had a mommy crush. And yes it was that guy.  I was one of those parents.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.11.41 PM

Sitting there pretending to be the best mom in the world, so supportive watching Hi5 with my child.

I was that parent. Waiting the whole day for Hi5 to be on TV, watching even the reruns (because who will ever get tired of watching that face?)

I kept singing and dancing pretending I was the best,  most supportive mom in the world when in truth I was watching it because I was ogling Tim. There I said it! And now I have a site I hope Tim Maddren gets to read it too. And I hope more Moms come out of the wood work to admit that he’s the only reason they used to watch Hi5.

I would be busy scrolling through Facebook when it was someone else singing but would be back watching so intensely when it was Tim’s segment again.

“Aww he makes the cutest most adorable moose! Oops I mean Tim is a moose baby that’s a moose costume,” I once blurted out loud.

I didn’t really care that he was Captain Puffy pants, and that he was a hippo on all fours in some episodes or a godarn moose. He provided a little happy relief from my sleepless first few months of parenting.

He was my mom crush, my first ever. And in my silly little sleepless head I imagined they’d have a show in Manila again and I’d get to meet him.

But then he left the show and got replaced. And that my friend is when we stopped watching hi5 and introduced my son to Cartoon Network. I was broken hearted. After all the singing, and jumping, and dancing I did for him.  I memorised the lyrics for you Tim, but you still left!


Anyway I’m just glad he left us with dancing and singing videos on Youtube we can keep ogling on repeat. Here moms, enjoy!


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