Top 6 Things Notorious Parent Shamers Say And What We’d Love to Tell Them (Uncensored)

You’ve probably met one, or walked away from one while she was still talking. They go around making other parents feel bad and find immense pleasure in crushing your spirit.  Here are some of the top things they tell other parents that are just beyond annoying plus what we’d absolutely love to tell them.


1. “May mga magulang kasing pasaway, disiplinahin ninyo ang mga anak ninyo dahil nag rereflect ang ugali ng mga anak ninyo sa magulang.. ”

-This was taken from a Facebook comment from a parenting site .

Reply: Eh di ikaw nang best mom in the world!
First off, there are kids who turn out to be great people even when they’re from troubled backgrounds.And there are those who turn out to become criminals even with superb adult supervision growing up. Ika nga ng mommy ko minsan ang parenting swertihan din. We do the best we can to raise them well and then we pray that they don’t go astray.


2. “Nanay ka na nagsusuot ka pa ng ganyan??”

Reply: I’m sorry I didn’t know there was a dress code for motherhood? I wasn’t informed! If I had Maggie Wilson’s body I’d be wearing a bikini to the park, the grocery, the PTA meeting, every single day.

3. “Dumedede pa yan ang laki na? Wala nang sustansya yan!”

Reply: Excuse me, dede mo ba ‘to? How is my extended breastfeeding going to affect you, the economy of this country and global warming?


4. “You feed your children what??”

Reply: Poop! That’s what I feed them. And flies. Organic hypoallergenic free-range flies. happy?

5. “Ay maswerte pala ako my son is behaved lang lagi/ malakas ang katawan hindi sakitin/ magaling sa English/ normal delivery pinanganak etcetera etcetera”


Reply:So anong point?Malas ako ganon? You’re telling me this so you can make yourself feel better as a mom? To make yourself feel superior? Blessed ka na nyan? hinashtag mo ba?

6. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: “Naku hindi naman ganyan kagrabe ang sakit ng anak ko [kagaya ng sa anak mo] yung sa kanya mild lang kasi nakabantay ako araw araw buong maghapon,” declared my son’s classmate’s mom in the ER when we met there dahil parehong may sakit ang anak namin and I just came home from work. Full-time mom sya and ako nagwowork full-time pa nun so gets nyo na ang ibig nyang sabihin diba?Pabaya ako.

Proactive measure taken: *Turned my back on her while she was still talking and walked away*

giphy (1)

You know what’s sad? These are all from other moms and parents. Instead of building our tribe and helping each other. We make each other feel inept at parenting just so we can feel superior. We have to stop this and focus on understanding and helping each other instead.

Disclaimer: There are friends and family who might really ask you every once in awhile about what you feed your kids, or what’s up with your children out of genuine concern. But you will know and when you get that sickening feeling in your stomach because you could tell this person is out to make you feel awful, you’re probably in the midst of a parent-shamer.

EVER ENCOUNTERED A PARENT SHAMER? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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