The Best Pamana

Losing both parents taught me that the best that you can leave your children with are memories.

A house, a trust fund, a piece of lot are all, yes, nice and maybe necessary for some.


We spend our lifetime working to build a house we can pass on to our children when we’re gone, we scrimp so we can set aside some for their future. But we get too busy working to leave them with material things that we forget to invest on memories.

As much as they will be thankful for the trust fund, what they will cherish most when you go are memories of how you made them feel loved, your conversations, the sound of your laugh, the warmth of your touch.

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Leaving them memories of time spent will give them something to cherish and hold on to forever. This is how you can make them feel that they have never lost you. This is what it means when people say your parents will stay in your hearts forever.

So spend as much time as you can with your children. Make memories with them. Save some in their trust funds but don’t forget to save some too in their memory banks . Leave them something they can hold on to long after you’re gone.

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