Tuition Season

At around this time each year you will witness a parent’s love. And how magical and powerful it can be.
Because parents want what’s best for their children, the best of what they can afford you’ll see them working double, sacrificing their own happiness and comfort to be able to afford quality education for their children.

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To my single friends:

if your officemate who’s a single mom can’t join you for lunch because she has brought her own packed meal, please understand she could be saving for her child’s tuition.
if your office buddy can’t go out drinking this Friday and would rather go straight home, please understand he could be saving for his child’s tuition.
if you notice sales people getting a tad bit too eager from May to June please understand they could be saving for their kids’ tuition.

if you notice an officemate, a single dad, leaving his car home and commuting to work, he could be saving that gas money for his child’s tuition.

if your friend can’t join you for dinner with HS buddies please understand that person could be saving his midyear bonus for his child’s tuition.

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Parents shouldn’t be ashamed of making these sacrifices, struggling to scrimp and save. What you are doing is noble, admirable, even magical. The love of a parent is one of the strongest forces in the world and it is made more evident at around this time each year.


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