In Behalf of All Parents Who Bring Noisy Little Children to Church

I’m sorry. I know you are irritated, I can tell by the way you look at our noisy children, the way you look over your shoulders, roll your eyes and at times transfer seats. I know how much you wish we’d just leave our children home instead of bringing them to hear mass.

I don’t know how to help you understand how difficult it is to keep little kids quiet. And how much work it entails to keep them there for an entire hour, but we still insist on bringing them each and every week.



You see, we don’t just bring them to church to annoy you. Truth is we want them to get to know Papa Jesus like a lovely uncle they have to visit every week. We want them to feel close to this powerful being who will always have their backs.

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We want to introduce them to this someone other than us their parents who will love them unconditionally. It won’t matter to their Papa J if they’re doing well in school or not, if they’re noisy or quiet he will love them to the moon and back no matter what.
We want to instill in them the habit of allocating even just an hour each week to visit him even when as my son would sometimes say “It’s boring”, or he doesn’t know the songs.
Please forgive our noisy little children for calling Papa Jesus from their seats, for asking endless questions about Papa Jesus and Mommy Mary. And for declaring out loud that they are going to save Papa J from bad guys.

I hope you could find it in your heart to be a bit more forgiving, and understanding. And to happily share the house of the Lord with everyone, even with noisy little children.

Note: I shared this piece with Smart Parenting Philippines. Click here for the SP article. 

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