5 Signs You Have A Toddler


1.You’ve accepted the fact that you can’t have nice things.
You’ve lost count of the number of times you lost a nice pen, a slipper, a make up brush, a lipstick, ATMs.
Moving into a new house? Hide. The. Crayons. Now!

2. You go to work with lego blocks inside your bag. If you’re lucky you’ll see cereal and powdered milk poured in there too. And sometimes the TV remote.

3. You learn to eat leftover food, and don’t think it’s disgusting. Sayang eh!

4. Your cellphone looks like crap. You’re embarassed to take it out during a meeting because it looks like you left it inside the washing machine.
And you know Ryan. Because when you open Youtube in your phone the first thing you’ll see is his face and some toy.

5. Unlike before malabo ka na kausap ngayon, kasi lagi kang aligaga.


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