Because It’s Still Worth It

Being a parent will beat the living consciousness out of you, each and everyday.Especially when you have little kids, days go by like a dizzying blur you can’t keep up with. You haven’t even brushed your hair yet and it’s already 12 noon and your kids are throwing spoons at each other, opening boxes, and getting inside the fridge looking for something to eat.

After a day of chasing, screaming, and flying airplane spoons you go to bed tired like you just came out of a bullfight in Madrid. And then (as mom used to tell me) they’d grow up , reach their teens , start talking back and slamming doors at you.

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So why then do many of us still chose to have kids? Why can’t we skip this part and go partying for the rest of our lives?

Because the I love you Moms and I miss you Moms are so worth all the sacrifice, the sleepless nights, and the mommy injuries. Sniffing their sticky hair, hearing them giggle, watching them dance, seeing the way they look at you with so much love and admiration make you forget everything you might have been complaining about.


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