To the Perfect Mother

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 3.25.01 AMI am not like you. I am not perfect I have so many flaws as a mom and that’s okay.

I am not trying to raise perfect human beings with my perfect flawless ways. I am raising humans the best way I can, and my ways are so far from being perfect.

I make mistakes, I lose my temper and scream at my kids, I give them sweets, I let them play with theirfood, they’re sometimes up way past their bed time, I let them play under the rain and played with them too, oh the horror!

And my children who tell me they love me (the flawed imperfect mother) every 30 minutes think I’m the most awesome mother (except while they’re facing the wall).

I bet you cringed at the thought of a mom like me talking about putting kids in a basket and leaving them in front of the neighbor’s door. Or me admitting that my kids probably watch too much Youtube or that they UFC fight each other in the morning.

Oh yeah two weeks ago I was so dead tired and busy that I fed my children cookies for lunch. And not the healthy kind. The gooey, chewy, chocolate sprinkled kind. I sat down beside them in front of the TV and had melted chocolate all over my shirt too.

We are all trying our best to be the mother we hoped we would be although trying is different from actually being.

I am not a perfect mother but I am trying my best and I am working on it.I make mistakes, I have so many flaws but that’s okay.

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