No The-moment-I-laid-eyes-on-you For Me

You know that first-time-I-laid-my-eyes-on-you moment most moms have right after pushing a human out of their birth canal? Or right when the doctors hand you the little one you feel that magical feeling of attachment, and love. I didn’t have that.

20840639_108801873170988_673357176792221306_nInstead , after they pulled him out I was thinking 1. Wow he sounds like a kitten, is that a cat? And 2. Oh MY FRIGGIN GOD they just pulled a live human being from my body. There was a human being living inside me and he came out of my body!
When they handed me my baby I was asking : What is this little human who looks like me? Why do you look like me? Wow you smell so goooood!

It took a few days for me to start having that intense love. And a month to start developing that I’d-take-a-bullet and sell-my-life for you kind of love for my child. Don’t get me wrong. I loved him, but the feeling for me wasn’t as intense on Day 1 the way some moms talk about it. There wasn’t a magical love at first sight moment. The love developed after awhile and got stronger over time.

Of course time went by, he started smiling and I started loving every little bit of him, and now they have me wrapped around their tiny little fingers.
So if you don’t recall falling in love with your child the moment you laid eyes on him, don’t panic. Some of us just take time to fall in love yes even with our own baby.

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